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Saturday, August 22

  1. page Buddies 326 edited rosa @cryfaery and Codi @americanidiottx | anya @anya666_ and marcia @everbIooming | Kasslyn @k…
    rosa @cryfaery and Codi @americanidiottx |
    anya @anya666_ and marcia @everbIooming |
    Kasslyn @kasslyn_pugh and Ivy @ivyftfandoms |
    Alessia @AleAleVin and Chelsea @anchoredafi |
    Taryn @Taryn_Bruyere and livia @upyoursproclone |
    Leena @sorryimleena and eren @stfumadix |
    Angel @lechonghotdog and Raven @rayofashes |
    Emma @emmaalysem and Ray @ray_rat3 |
    Briana @brianaskyyyyyyy and Carly @carlyyzz |
    Kate @kateisafangirl and Meg @braydensbizntch |
    Ay @FairlyLocalAy and Maddi @oneshotclifford |
    Lydia @lydbarrett1 and Makenna @Aye_Itz_Kenna |
    Heaven @HeavenWebb17 and Rakayla @xfobulousx |
    Ava @Avalovescats and Zara @demislovatics22 |
    Laura @lalamendezr and Renata @_forever_lovato |
    Alexis @LexisBrock and Elaina @er4kneea33 |
    sara @arainyrose and Haley @haleymckinneyy |
    madelyn @madoverboard and Amber @SAYYOURPRAY3RS |
    Summer @milbrisu and Kenzie @pandabear_posi |
    Hannah @hannahsaysno and gemilux @geminein |
    Hailey @allyandcheese and Anna @mxxnbeams |
    Kenia @SparklyGemBean and Kassie @kassiemynes |
    Braxton @ShadowShroomy and Sam @Taste_ |
    Levi @_levi_jeans_ and Agus @AgusMoreno29 |
    Kiaira @Blvckconscious and Andrea @dreeaaa_xo |
    Olivia @neckdeepliv and Raeanna @blackoutseb |
    Raquel @Vibeslothy and Cece @hespunkrock |
    Ebony @mattsasap and Summer @summermcmxcv |
    Alex @_alexx_d and Sonya @stfusonyaa |
    Sam @sammiefalconer2 and Jorden @synysterjorden |
    kristina @PraetzK and Larissa @windmilil |
    sydney @_sydneycantrell and Joanna @sassygerardwayy |
    Jenna @Jennaware18 and Bianca @biancaandrea123 |
    Katie @ClishamKatie and jennifer @ughjenxx |
    Maryam @maryamyouhanna1 and Katt @radliketrevor |
    Breanne @parapringles and Serena @serena_ftw |
    VIRY @Virivrl and Madison @maddie_sunn123 |
    Katie @KatieeNicoleexx and Emma @emmagildevall |
    lexi @lexi_epperly and Jehanna @jehannamarie |
    Mia @pyschiclucas and Zoe @zoe_woolf |
    Joey @JoeyGoldstein1 and Avery @Sdkmydillon |
    Grace @mgrace2648 and Bryan @BryanLadiha |
    Joaliz @Lizy_crazy79 and Jade @jadeo_ |
    Alex @alexlperk and ali @oopsbands |
    Arlene @aJesusweirdo and Jess @jesss_17 |
    Alexandra @allie_nomides and Emily @ohwoahitsemily |
    Celiase @felizceliase and James @cimaremylife |
    madds @Blissgurl_1999 and Amie @Deatht0destiny |
    Amrit @amritabbasi and Michaela @mbusch16 |
    Lilly @heartcolleenb and Jess @jesspearsall |
    Jacky @jackyespinosaa and Armaine @mainekayeee |
    Lisa @agbxdallas and Juliet @jayjayrocs |
    Kali @dirtypiglirry and Jamie @jlshit |
    Kenzie @ogocespinosa and Annie Lynn @Samsbbg |
    Karina @kkkarinaa and Jess @dipmukeftnjh |
    Preilyn @captainzurc and Alyssa @alyshinko |
    Raeanna @blackoutseb and Hector @heector_b |
    Chloe @cut_wrists and Angelina @LonaaDelReyy |
    Gracen @graciexstyles and Leia @Leiaaamichelle |
    Savanna @murrderrized and Jolie @jolie_derp_5sos |
    Marissa @9IdiotsAreBae and Lucy @imaginemouses |
    Mikaela @peachyyluke and Lauren @LaurenMcEw |
    Veronica @AhhItsVeronica and emily @emilyrmph |
    Alena @vapormgc95 and kerigan @twentyonekeris |
    Nathan @npenrod1124 and Peter @CapnPeteOnDeck |
    CeCe @_SagittariusLes and Robbie @iarelemonsberry |
    Bailey @jablonskii_ and Nikki @_chasingstars1 |
    Chloe @chloeeee_mariee and Anna @actualrapunzel |
    Brenna @Breadbag_orns and Kate @lil_lilo_xo |
    Evan @PrettySpooky and sarah @iBANGCUTKOSKY |
    Jade @selfharmhelp346 and Amy @amyloves16 |
    Issy @PennyroyalTrash and taylor @ptvkilljoys |
    Gabby @paugab98 and Sandraw @isandraw |
    Nola @nolana14 and cam @messynjh |
    Amy @euphoriiamgc and Lesley @wehheyleslayy_ |
    Sydney @flowercrownreed and Celeste @CelesteRamie |
    Kara @wildhearths and Lacey @kindalacey |
    Evelyn @Evelyyn_vargas and Amber @lousgiggle |
    Amber @baearealarry and kim @msftniall |
    Kaitlin @khabing and Kelsey @kelseyallegra |
    Emily @xhellaradhemmox and Marissa @marissaleet |
    Chelsea @chelseaxpepe and Erica @skepticalpunk |
    Riley @photosynthium and Taylor @ptvkilljoys |
    emmie @emmie0715 and jazz @jazz59_ |
    Miruna @NotSoHappyMoon and Kathleen @kateye7 |
    Lauren @laurburnsxo and Iris @irisloya |
    Rachel @rachel__childs and Hannah @hannahkosloski |
    Caitlin @MusiCat94 and Shelby @postsaboutbands |
    Tyla @destielxmgc and Laila @ew_laila |
    Cheyenne @cheyennesiouxx and Daviane @xLittleMoose |
    Andie @kingcupkendrick and Carlee @carlee_guntert |
    Bre @multixtube and leanne @Ieannehttp |
    Meg @braydensbizntch and vincent @cemeteryboys |
    Cassie @_imacassie and Lizzy @hai_its_lizzy_ |
    Bel @iamapotato728 and Val @charmingacm |
    Nicole @nicoleclancy43 and Gabby @gabby_frost |
    Ivy @fetus_malum and Rosie @Roseee_99 |
    Laney @Joshdunwithyou and Chyanne @blackstarloverz |

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  2. page home edited {newbpheader.png} We have moved to :) {newbpheader.png} Sign up here // …
    We have moved to :)

    Sign up here // 114,114114,320 sign ups
    of August 21st,22nd, 2015
    update: August 21st,22nd, 2015 at 9:30PM9PM EST
    I am trying to update buddies every single day at least once!
    If you have any questions, please check our FAQ!
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  3. page FAQ edited ... 13) What do I do if my buddy isn't making any effort to contact me? Sorry about that, please …
    13) What do I do if my buddy isn't making any effort to contact me?
    Sorry about that, please sign up again if you'd like to. I really try to prevent this from happening the best that I can.
    14) Can I please help you run the account?
    I am not looking for people to help me run this, or "own" it (I technically do not "own" Buddy Project because it is not a business, it is just an initiative/program). If you'd like to help out, you can join the Buddy Council or just help out with messaging people who need someone (look under hashtag #BuddyProject on twitter).

    15) When I try to sign up it says that I haven't answered a question but I did?
    I have no idea why, but on some phones/devices it doesn't pick up that you answered something. If this occurs, please ask someone else to fill it out for you (I'm working on having people do this who are team members of @ProjectBuddy2 -- more info about that soon).
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Friday, August 21

  1. page Buddies 325 edited Victoria @Kitkat_loverz, Anna @radliketrevor and Levi @_levi_jeans_ | Ray @ray_rat3 and Bella @b…
    Victoria @Kitkat_loverz, Anna @radliketrevor and Levi @_levi_jeans_ |
    Ray @ray_rat3 and Bella @bella37xx |
    Caitlyn @Michellle_1999 and Marissa @marissaleet |
    Caroline @caroline_witzel and Kimberly @msftniall |
    Nicole @SuidicalT and Daniela @thepantaloonmgc |
    rosa @cryfaery and Gaby @Gabykatscke |
    Anwen @gr8_pot8 and cassidy @fervidmgc |
    Andi @Andi_2w4y and Ashley @ashleycurtinn |
    Katie @Katisapenguin1 and Haleigh @xarctxcashtonx |
    kasey @calumhoodsangel and margot @born2pleasemuke |
    madi @palntedmgc and Jai @tiredasjai |
    Alex @alex_koehl and Chloe' @chloejkincaid |
    Anna @fxckxcalum and Cristina @smileformeacc |
    Alise @backseatsrenade and jalei @jaleikl |
    Jennifer @myboycalum and Felecia @allxtimemuke |
    Amie @Omfgashx and Zinaya @lukesidiots |
    Johanna @malumdotcom and Jennifer @michaelokayy |
    Tay @5SexOfShouse and Taelor @taeharvey99 |
    Tiffany @tiffanyyrenee and kimberly @sleepyashx |
    Luna @aestheticalafi and Cass @hamburgermuke |
    Hayley @hayleydaniirwin and Meghan @luketysplit |
    Olivia @oliviagood17 and Shawna @shawna_witt |
    livia @hoodsdajsy and Galina @galina_night |
    Rosie @Roseee_99 and Diana @dianamxrales_ |
    Taylor @hai_hemmo and meredith @_slowlyfadingg |
    riya @irwinbellamy and Ashley @ashleycsordos |
    Hannah @HannahClaire36 and Megan @Janoskianlukey |
    Karina @Mukeclified and Francesca @queenfrancescaa |
    Alexis @Fxckyeamgc and Maddy @mgkratz |
    Kristen @lovingflame1027 and Alexa @radxreject |
    Mike @CancerousDream and anna @bkidinthedark |
    Kaycie @daylightdamian and Daphne @guitaristgf |
    Ashley @suicidedxys and abbie @abbiegemmell |
    Heaven @HeavenWebb17 and Elise @burdick_elise |
    Chloe @clevine37 and Hannah @hannahsaysno |
    Jay @Animexweirdo and Joey @semioriginalusername |
    Will @itswilliam_65 and Ash @AllTimeFuentits |
    Cheyenne @dragmedownbea and kaitlyn @firexgold |
    Tiffany @tiffanyyrenee and Tiffany @lovaticmendes |
    Courtney @youmeatcourt and Hannah @llamabanana_ |
    Ava @askingcarson and Karla @Mrs_Manson15 |
    Zoe @zoe_woolf and alex @RMCF13 |
    Melissa @mellychachineee and Mia @mmacglaflin |
    Alexandria @alexxquick and Natalie @Natalie_glz |
    Lindsey @Lindseygrace and Briana Sprague-Triplett @brianaskyyyyyyy |
    Zanele @Zanele_B and Olivia @Missionary365 |
    Juliet @jayjayrocs and Taylor @taylorpaigeo1 |
    Taylor @Mashtaylor1 and katia @kinkykiani |
    Nicole @Devxn_Mxnes and Kate @kateisafangirl |
    Samantha @rushious and Hayley @Creative_Rebel9 |
    Stella @ARCTICHOWELLS and Ryan @agonyphan |
    Shelby @shellraebutler and Bats @Bandsrmyworld |
    Ay @youtubeftmusic and jem @jarnadar |
    Abbi @abbikababi and Wednesday @wednesdayfisher |
    Lidija @Mrs_Nope and Gat @djdogbreath |
    Lydia @lydbarrett1 and Elaina @er4kneea33 |
    Emma @XEmma_Tomlinson and AJ @Phantastry |
    Maddy @phantrashmaddy and Julia @juliakathx |
    Chloe @chloeemery7 and Ava @Avalovescats |
    Jurneika @beacamzvato and Laura @lalamendezr |
    Madison @tellylovato and Moho @MohoLovato |
    Ericka @Ericka_SC3 and Christina @christinaa_182 |
    Heidi @Heidiyo789 and Bruna @brubda |
    Tabitha @tabithajaderay and Chloe @cut_wrists |
    Monique @estradamonique and Heaven @HeavenWebb17 |
    Caty @CatyVlogs and Kayla @KaylaJaneHayes |
    Cheyenne @chey_a22 and Bobbi @5secondofbands |
    Eve @eveepinchevsky and Jaqui @horanxglory |
    Rakayla @xfobulousx and Trinity @_trinhiltz |
    Piglet @milasdisneyland and dani @zingjauregui |
    Brianna @sevenfootlawley and Molly @caminahftddl |
    Preilyn @bieberauhIins and Nikki @Nikkihast |
    Kenia @SparklyGemBean and Sidney @sid_neigh |
    Beth @justsaybeth_ and Joey @UnorigGamer |
    Michael @smirkyb16 and Zack @zcost98 |
    Bernie @trempster and Andy @AndyKetley |
    christiana @funky_oreo and hanna @hannashlyn |
    Peyton @PeytonIsBasic and Azari @Safarii_Castro |
    kallie @kallie_margaret and Jenna @jennna_17 |
    Ari @hiatusvictim and Liz @lets_stop_here |
    Madi @kiwicliffoconda and Kiara @lilac_halsey |
    Deva'Nyar @Deezysbieber and erica @indiectrl |
    Felicia @JefferyBiznatch and Megan @Megaannnnx |
    Mary @tincanstarkid and Danielle @daniplunkett |
    Alex @_alexx_d and Lucas @lucasxavier_ |
    Sonya @stfusonyaa and Cierra @eatenbyana |
    Milena @platznicorn and Cassy @crolfeyates |
    Regan @tedderandstuff and Nick @TheSpaniard77 |
    Cassidy @socialstylinson and Melody @DaReallyFluffy1 |
    Dom @unknownfnow and Brianna @bruhitsbrianna_ |
    Jennifer @live_life_23 and angelica @legitangelica |
    nola @nolana14 and Kaily @GayleKg7 |
    Anna @Anna_K88 and hannah @hannahdouglas73 |
    Ariadne @gouldentea and Madison @maaddy_boo |
    Teresa @nobodyhearme and Nicole @bruhitsnicole |
    Tessa @oceanjh93 and Hannah @hannahiwamoto21 |
    Kaillie @kailliemarie123 and Bella @belzaa_k |
    Danny @KlondikeG and Dalal @golden_dalool |
    Chloe :) @sad_grunge_girl and Jenni @princessjenni0 |
    Meghan @anadale5sos and Dakota @HaiiItsKota |
    Beth @bethshafffer and Kathryn @katrob13 |
    Julie kim @Julieankim and gessel @garciyes000 |
    mayra @fuckingzaynxx and Jackie @jaackiesuxx |
    Rachael @xxorachaeloxx and Chloe @clevine37 |
    airlie @HEARTSINTHEAlR and Hailey @iHaileyHutch |
    Amako @AzureAnie and Emily @nightlightcim |
    Heidi @heidimarty and Brittany @WeakleyBritt |
    Rachel @raybayboo_ and Lizzy @lizzythecookie |
    cassie @cassandraageee and Heidi @heidiziggler |
    Joey @JoeyGoldstein1 and Kenzie @pandabear_posi |
    Emma @sighxhalsey and Laura @laura_lizzy_ |
    Rebeckah @spreadtheI0ve and Grace @mgrace2648 |
    Hannah Marie @Ayemedrano_ and Sarah @fightforniallx |
    Destiny @racerchick20 and Avery @Sdkmydillon |
    Alex @Turtle052 and Ivy @ivyftfandoms |
    Ebonie @_ebonieperkins and Rene @EndlessSolitary |
    Mal @mal_the_narwhal and Holly @HollyCamp82 |
    Kayce @positivestitch and Brandon @DatMotoGuy |
    Kayla @Kaylafuhrman and Shay @versacihoe |
    Chevy @casechevy and Josh @ChugsTheHippie |
    Athena @_athenagarza and Angela @linlin528 |
    Vin @Vin_21_ and Jovanna @JovannatA |
    Rochell @ThatOneGirl1117 and Layaly @layaly_ptv |
    Nicholas @nickwithdodge and Johnny @JohnEgan00 |
    Molly @Molly_Moo96 and Jessica @jessitown96 |
    Shannon @16fangirl16 and Sapphire @bingocat3000 |
    Kasper @kaspernymand and fieona @FieonaAyaka |
    Bibi @beelzebibi and Natalie Hicks @NatalieRowenaHicks06 |
    monse @bruhlandis and Morgan @itsmorganburgos |
    Morgan @itssssmorgan and Marissa @marissaleet |
    kailyn @reflectioniwt and India @highkeyindia |
    Tatianna @GrantsWarrior and jess @dipmukeftnjh |
    Taryn @Taryn_Bruyere and Andrea @MyBaeIsJustinX |
    Chloe @cut_wrists and karli @xxkarli |
    Kaily @GayleKg7 and Carson @phansexuwhale |
    Natalie @nrwalstrum and LGBTQ @lgbtqplusadvice |
    Bernice @moisteurize and Davina @Fxcking_Dawson |
    Harper @KiinqtonqsBae_ and Jolie @jolie_derp_5sos |
    Megan @Megan_beck12 and Jay. @jadamsparkles |
    Emily @huggingHuntWalt and Savanna @murrderrized |
    Gessel @garciyes000 and Hannah @husker_born5 |
    Liz @lizvargas0699 and Marina @mari8HM |
    Amber @amberch6 and Keanu @keanudes |
    Isa @lidogxmes and Bailey Hart @hartsyouu |
    Kaylea @Nowaytosave and Damon Sterling @_sterlingxo |
    Ashley @MakeYourArt_ and Brenna @Breadbag_orns |
    Summer @summermcmxcv and Nathan @npenrod1124 |
    Victoria @twitchdestroyer and Luisa @LuiMaula |
    Kayla @kaylaa36 and Jamie Robson @JLshitt |
    Emily @emilyj_holder and Jenna @ojeajenna |
    Riley @illiniossadboys and Amir @amir1jamal |
    Justin @JustAGayFreak and Millie @_pxinful |
    amberlynn @dudeyourelost and Bianca @baabybiancaa |
    tennaya @deadlyzeeko and janese @sickups |
    Amy @xx_i_cut_myself and Brett @prettybretty |
    Carly @carlyyfromearth and Bella @Bella37xx |
    Amy @LoveEveryone69 and Gabby @paugab98 |
    Shelby @postsaboutbands and Bill @BillMill96 |
    Garrison @High_Bill_Nye and Bronte @bronte_deanna |
    Taylor @shadyolzanski and Madi @_madi_7 |
    Lucy @bcsnash and Ava @vintagexhs |
    Chloe' @chloejkincaid and Emily @emsinheaven |
    Jade @Jaiden_Johnson2 and Celeste @CelesteRamie |
    Gaby @aestheticharry_ and danielle @1dftniam |
    Hannah @hypophrenia_ and Nickie @official_nickie |
    Shelah @ShelahxxJoanna and Jasmine @j_hasanain |
    Kayla @bringxthexpayne and Madison @madisonlstone |
    Mollie @mollieemerick and Ashley @Maninthemuke |
    sarah @biamelouis and Nikole @Nikoleraeee |
    Gisselle @harrysfavorite_ and Angel @uhcuteangle |
    Andrea @MyBaeIsJustinX and Jenny @cleverlynjh |
    Lauren @laurenxgray_ and Natalie @_fluffytommo |
    Jamilla @grantspottorff and Maggie @frantaeuphoria |
    courtney @jurassiccaylen and Marissa @marissaleet |
    Frannie @lolitagarbage13 and Zoey @xsilentcutterx |
    ryan @shadybeebo and Rachel @kingurie |
    Kather @kxthxr and Katrina @katstweetingz |
    Makena @simplymakena and Chloe @sad_grunge_girl |
    Mariah @hoteicortez and Katlin @KatlinMichelle_ |
    Angela gonzales @wild_brides_ and Miruna @NotSoHappyMoon |
    Asia @glassfuentes and jaskarn @jazz59_ |
    megs @1meowmeg and Lauren @laurburnsxo |
    Lavina @luvi__ and Keni @foolsgoldshawn |
    Sophia @aftertastejake and Dest @shawnftdest |
    Catie @discreetmendes and Izabele @hemmingftmendes |
    Alex @alex_koehl and Lizzie @Mcrardway |
    Joan @joankay_ and abby @niallsbabe_x |
    Destiny @Destiny49670990 and Allie @allie_nomides |
    Hannah @hannahrenell and Lisa @mr_Reckl3ss_ |
    Bri @qweenofscene and Abbie @abbiegemmell |
    Abigail @TheOutcastArmy and emmie @emilyellennn_ |
    Sarah @SarahO9922 and Valerie @chaosangel_214 |
    Jessica @jessicaxhavens and kate @lil_lilo_xo |
    Georgia @GeorgiaK_13 and Alex @criminaltaylor |
    Fiona @sauceylandis and Sonja @sonjahegelxx |
    Madalyn @maddie_hardi123 and Kelsey @kelseyallegra |
    Chloe @pixiechloo and Ellie @trumancaylen |
    Brooke @BrookeTheZombie and Lizzie @onlinehoran |
    Brittany @poxlietnerd and Ashley @ashleynagel |
    Haruka @Tan_Dog_Haruka and Rene @reeneekyle |
    jules @gidglickfans and Georgia @agent_georgia_ |
    Bianca @biancaerme and Christina @christinafialov |
    Yosmary @bookworm_45 and madelyn @madoverboard |
    renee @reneerodriquez_ and kevin @therealk1pwnz |
    aria @frangipaneftseb and Christina @panicattheswift |
    Leena @sorryimleena and Alyssa @nbhdhowell |
    Courtney @Serena_ftw and Courtney @serenaftw |
    Ashlee @twenty1addicts and Rin @whispered_fears |
    Zayna @mtrxnch and soph @positurtle_ |
    abby @abbyjaquint and Delaney @Delaney_DePaco |
    Micayla @micayla_beasley and Val @charmingacm |
    Daniela @Ozzgirl_Dan60sG and hannah @alltimehannahh |
    Laney @joshdunwithyou and Angela @wombatonyoutube |
    Kacie @swellinglungs and Rachel @pastaelbow |
    Ruth @rufersss and Jake @RoyalSkeleton21 |
    Jade @jade_1945 and Bre @multixtube |
    Izzy @troylersmiless and Stef @lumieretroye |
    Paula @queenpaulamarie and kate @lil_lilo_xo |
    Renate @merlingrxmes and Aisha @shaaa_tweets |
    Emerald @UrRadBae and Chyanne @blackstarloverz |
    Ivy @fetus_malum and Cheyenne @chey_a22 |

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  2. page Finding Your Buddy edited {fyb.png} ... up BEFORE 9:45PM 9:30PM EST on August 19th, 21st, 2015, you (direction li…
    up BEFORE 9:45PM9:30PM EST on August 19th,21st, 2015, you
    (direction links & what to do if you come across a problem are below, you can also tweet @ProjectBuddy2 if you have a problem!)
    I am going to begin updating buddies every single day at least once!
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  3. page home edited {newbpheader.png} ... here // 113,657 114,114 sign ups ... of August 19th, 21st, 2015 …
    here // 113,657114,114 sign ups
    of August 19th,21st, 2015
    update: August 19th,21st, 2015 at 9:45PM9:30PM EST
    I am trying to update buddies every single day at least once!
    If you have any questions, please check our FAQ!
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Wednesday, August 19

  1. page Buddies 324 edited Gabby @gabby_reyes18 and Madi @_madi_7 | Ysa @hey_its_ysa and aranza @sofia_espinosaa | Bryttni…
    Gabby @gabby_reyes18 and Madi @_madi_7 |
    Ysa @hey_its_ysa and aranza @sofia_espinosaa |
    Bryttni @bryttni_john and Michelle @planetarywentz |
    renee @reneerodriquez_ and rosamaria @cryfaery |
    Sabrina @drumaws and Caitlin @TalkingClifford |
    Jasmine @JasmineM_78 and Kaycie @daylightdamian |
    Jeraldine @demiandjustin12 and Paris @iceblueashton |
    Destinie (Des/Desi) @ashthete and Hallie @halliejcollins |
    Alexandra @lexabeib and emma @sunljghtluke |
    Belinda @acidmcth and sarah @iBANGCUTKOSKY |
    Kimberly @kimberlyyy_xv and Audrey Nicole @atljacole69eva |
    Starla @fluffyftcake and Kasslyn @kasslyn_pugh |
    Hannah @hlehigh125 and Sof @endlesstwanted |
    Bekah @vinyIuke and Selene @mythiccal |
    Karina @kkkarinaa and Sharbel @ShaxFaraway |
    Salma @salmapb_ and vanessa @5SOSPUNKON |
    Cheyenne @CheyenneArnold_ and Roseleen @gorgious28 |
    Tiffany @hoefxrhemmings and Elodie @lucashmngs |
    Adrianna @Lukeselele and Maggie-May @Pattyxsos |
    Chloe @edcdancer and Alexa @radxreject |
    Patricia @patriciabojador and Daphne @daphnearia |
    Irina @gaskarthkvng and Melissa @omgits_meli |
    Anna @annasencore and Lisa @fxkeuout |
    Bryttni @bryttni_john and Kaleigh @kaleigh_albers |
    Ray @PrettyBoyCronus and Sofia @danisonfireomg |
    Silas @ZSwog and Emily @MillieRamon |
    Mia @mmacglaflin and Emilee @emileechampigny |
    Savannah @simply_sxvxnnxh and janet @0mgCarpenter |
    Lucy @sahyouniesloth and Job @salvath |
    kira @blurrediove and Oscar @fuckinr0ckstar |
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