1) Where do I sign up?
You can sign up by clicking this link: smarturl.it/buddy

2) How long will it take for me to get a buddy?
I update the buddies usually every day when I'm not busy. When I'm busy it is very hard to update and I never know when I can, so please check out for tweets while I'm busy.

3) How will I know buddies are updated?
You can either check my tweets or come back to the website to see when it was last updated.

4) How will I find my buddy?
Read this page (Finding Your Buddy) and please read EVERYTHING. It tells you how to find your buddy if you're having issues as well.

5) I haven't been paired yet!
The only reasons why you wouldn't be paired is if I haven't posted the update you're in yet, you spelled your username wrong, or you never correctly submitted the form.

6) My buddy isn't talking to me. What do I do?
Please sign up again. I am sorry about that, I really wish people would pay attention to what they agree with in the form.

7) How many times can I sign up?
You can sign up once per update. You will only be paired once per update because I automatically take out doubles anyways.

8) How can I help out?
Right now I'm good with running this program and the social media accounts, so at the moment just be involved with the program as much as you can/like!

9) Can you pair by mental illness?
No, I do not believe it is ethical to store information about people's mental health info.

10) Can you pair us by who wants to be a buddy and who needs one?
I have tried this method before and it very disproportional, more people want to be a friend than need a friend.

11) Can I still sign up if I have school/other obligations?
Yes, just make sure that you tell your buddy about these things and they're aware you won't always be active certain times.

12) Can I have more than one buddy?
Yes, sign up as many times as you'd like.

13) What do I do if my buddy isn't making any effort to contact me?
Sorry about that, please sign up again if you'd like to. I really try to prevent this from happening the best that I can.

15) When I try to sign up it says that I haven't answered a question but I did?
I have no idea why, but on some phones/devices it doesn't pick up that you answered something. If this occurs, please ask someone else to fill it out for you (I'm working on having people do this who are team members of @ProjectBuddy2 -- more info about that soon).

16) When I search for my buddy, it only lists my name or only part of my buddy's. How do I find the full username?
I have no idea why it does that (it's Wikispaces, not me) but you will have to go onto the full list of buddies for your update and find your pairing. If you go onto the "Finding Your Buddy" page and look under the problems part, it has an explanation as well. (If you're able to use quick search on the page, you can use
CTRL + F for PC or CMND + F for Macs)